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Tips to Experience The Most of Your Belize Vacation!



Despite the fact that here at Maruba Resort Jungle Spa® we focus on catering to our guests’ every need to ensure that their stay is both memorable and enjoyable, we like to encourage all our visitors to make their own unique effort to savor their vacation experience in Belize.  Many times there is simply so much to see and do that a lot of vacationers can understandably become overwhelmed.

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Anniversary Trips to Belize

Belize Anniversary Vacation Trip

More and more people are pausing from the hustle of life to take that yearly anniversary vacation trip.  I applaud the anniversary trippers.  I personally take an yearly anniversary vacation AND did not realize this is a phenomenon until recently. 

As life happens, it’s easy to be together but “not together”: work, kids, pets, schedules, schools, project, obstacles … the list can be long, it can be simple or it can be complex and complicated.  One thing for sure is we just need to pack our bags and fly away, as a committed couple, from the familiar and routined.  

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A Belize Jungle Retreat for Two

Belize Adventure Travel
Come to Belize and discover your wilder side!

Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept, and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky.

Arna Bontemps Source Title

That quote perfectly describes a Belize jungle vacation, a place to dance in the rain forest and dream beneath the jungle sky. Romantic and wild, beautiful and unspoiled – here’s a unique destination to enjoy with your significant other. Bask in each other’s company and appreciate Mother Nature’s finest work. I’m describing the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa… and here is what you will love about the resort.

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