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Belize Spa Getaways

With a wealth of world renowned acclaim most recently escalated by the achievement of Spa Finder’s Reader’s Choice Award for best boutique spa and Spa Magazine’s Silver Sage Reader’s Choice Award, it is undeniable that Maruba’s incredible jungle spa is one of Belize’s best kept secrets. Maruba Spa is the first Spa in the country of Belize.

Situated in a secluded tranquil corner of the resort, the quaint thatched structures that house the spa facilities appears humble and modest upon first glance; however, step inside and enter a mesmerizing world of elegant bold coloured flowing drapes, flickering candles, exotic soothing rhythms, and rustic pebbled floors. The hypnotic atmosphere and remarkable design can surely be compared to that of a plush Arabian cave! All furnishings have been intricately arranged to induce an aura of total relaxation with comfortable spa beds adorned with finest linens, soft to the touch to embrace even the most delicate of skin. For additional privacy or for a more social gathering facilities can be arranged to accommodate solo, couples, or even group treatments. The extensive spa menu includes a wide variety of treatments encompassing all natural ingredients unparalleled to any other spa in the country or throughout the world for that matter.

Maruba’s signature treatment, the Mood Mud Massage, is a household name having earned international recognition and absolutely ranks amongst the top ten must do activities when visiting Belize! This undeniably unique and extraordinary treatment utilizes a handful of therapeutic natural minerals which are vigorously massaged into the key pressure points and also delicately lathered all over the body in an artistic tribal design to cool and refresh the skin while penetrating to the depth of each individual pore. Our meticulously trained local masseuses undoubtedly have the midas touch when it comes to ensuring that guests achieve total body relaxation from the mind right down to the smallest toe. The shoulders, back, and calves are carefully soothed to relieve all excess tension leaving the body feeling enriched and revitalized. Each refreshing splash of mineral laced mud is cool to the touch and rejuvenates like a crisp morning shower. As the mud dries and seeps deep into the pores skin feels clean, nourished, and firm- certainly the last thing that comes to mind when one envisions a mud bath! During this deeply relaxing experience, gentle mood music and sensual aromas of candles and incense resound throughout the massage room which allows the mind to drift into a near trance state free of all worldly concerns thus removing all mental stress while the invigorating mud treatment and skilful hands of the masseuses relieve physical tension, relaxing muscles and soothing even the most fragile nerve endings.


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US Toll Free: 1 800-861-7001

BZ 011 501-225-5555


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