Hip Artisanal Boutique Resort & Jungle Spa
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Belize Luxury Boutique Hotel

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind artisanal luxury boutique resort in Belize where you can experience nature at its best and enjoy thrilling adventures... a luxury boutique resort with all the pampering amenities of an upscale hotel, yet one that is set within the jungles on the mainland of Belize... a luxury boutique resort with a friendly staff that offers top-notch service... look no further. Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, one of the best small artisanal luxury boutique resorts in Belize is the place for you. Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is the perfect vacation resort in Belize for couples, families and solo travelers. Whether you are looking for the perfect family getaway to take your young jet setters to experinece the world, a romantic getaway or family and best friends reuinons, this small Belize luxury boutique resort has it all to make your Belize vacation perfect in every way.

Curious about our history?  Allow us to share our story - the history - of how the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa started.  A dream to retire in Belize has evoved into the first resort and spa in Belize.  


Maruba Founders

Maruba was started by a doctor and his wife around 1973. Dr. Merickston Nicholson, MD was orginally from Charlotteville, Tobago. He studied medicine in Zurich Switzerland where he met his wife Anna Nicholson, a fashion designer from Austria.

They settled in the midwest USA with the dream of retiring in the tropics. By chance they saw land for sale in Belize, the only English speaking country in Central America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea. While practicing cancer detection and treatment, their hearts were unraveling the plantation of coconuts and natural remedies for curing and treating ailments.  

Several times a year the journeyed to Belize to build the foundation of what is Maruba Resort Jungle Spa. 40 years later Maruba Resort Jungle Spa has evolved into an eco tourism friendly oasis of charm and distinction. The property opened as the first resort and Destination Spa in Belize in 1986 and is, to date,  the only full body spa in Belize.  

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is embedded in Belize’s culture and history. Maruba’s Spa products, rich hues and fabrics, thoughtfully selected fresh ingredients and an infinite love of music and creativity has made this resort Belize leading Luxury Boutique Resort and Jungle Spa. Urban Jungle chic has never been so casually opulent.

The passion and zest for life and art can be seen in every area of Maruba Resort Jungle Spa. The love of and devotion to nature, attention to details and the personal service dedicated to each guest is as much a part of the resort now as it was when the resort started.

We look forward to welcoming you to Belize and to guide you along your journey as you experience our beautiful country.  Experience Belize!  Experience Maruba Belize!

Get Junglized  @ Maruba Belize!

Thank You.  Come Again.  Recommend Us to Your Closest Friends!



US  Toll Free: 1 800-861-7001

BZ  011 501-225-5555