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Altun Ha

Beautiful Asian woman posing on top of a Maya temple with the evening sun light hugging her skin while the temple of the Sun God sits in the background at Altun Ha

Experience Altun Ha Belize with Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

Altun Ha Mayan Ruin is in Maruba Resort Jungle Spa backyard - 10 miles south of Maruba Resort.  Belize adventure tour to Altun Ha Mayan Ruins leaves at 2:00 PM. A twenty minute drive to Lucky Strike Village, where Altun Ha Mayan Ruin is located, uncovers the temple of the sun god. Altun Ha Mayan Ruin was discovered in 1957 while building the Pan American Highway through Belize. At that time the locals did not know that the Mayan Civilization existed in Belize. They were quarrying stones from the hills thinking it was natural hill formation. They found artifacts and realized that they weren’t natural hills formation and that they were mayan ruins. Excavation took place from 1964-1972 by the Royal Ontario Museum headed by Dr. David Pendergast. During his excavations he found out that the Belize Mayan ruins Altun Ha was occupied from 200DC to 1400 AD and at its peak in the 8th century had a population between 8 to 10 thousousand. When he was getting ready to wind down the excavation he told his workmen to start filling in the temples. A couple of guys from the area, Mr. Hines & Mr. Humes, had this feeling there was more to be found. When Dr. Pendergast went to Belize City for a few days, they dug deeper (unsupervised) and found the top of a tomb. When Dr. Pendergast returned, they showed him their finds. They opened up the tomb and found the largest jade sculpture from the Mayan Civilization.

Experience Altun Ha Belize Maya Ruins With Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

Maya temple at Altun Ha Belize
Altun Ha Maya Ruins in Belize
Experience Altun Ha with Maruba Resort
lady sitting on Maya Temple at Altun Ha May ruins site
Altun Ha Maya Ruins
Temple at Maya Ruins site with person standing atop
wedding photo at Altun Ha Belize
Altun Ha Maya Ruins in Belize
Experience Altun Ha with Maruba Resort


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