Skip the beach and head to the mainland of Belize to Maruba Resort Jungle Spa.

Travelers exploring the ruins of Altun Ha Belize
Explore the ruins of Altun Ha Belize

Perfect Belize getaway vacation that offers thrilling, personalized adventures catered for resort guests only – this means you get to avoid the crowd and the rush. You can truly immerse yourself in the adventure, the experiences and bond you build with those you’re with.

Luxury Meets Jungle in Belize with luxurious accommodations. AC – yes. Private Bungalows for the Ultimate getaway – yes. Only 16 rooms on property – yes. No crowd – yes. Personal top notch service – yes. First resort and spa in the country of Belize – yes.

All rooms are artisanally designed for your comfort and are as individual as you are. Tropical hardwood, palmetto wood, thatch, stones, recycled bottles and mosaic tiles are seen throughout the property. A fusion of Mayan, Creole and African decor resonates.

Adventure to one of many sites during the day and retreat back to the resort for seclusion and relaxation. Climb the RUINS Of Lamanai; Experience the quietness of Altun Ha, this Belize Maya Ruin is in Maruba’s backyard. Feel the mysticism of ATM Caves & the Reverence of the Mayan under world as you float down the river on a cave tubing tour. Zipline through the Jungle and feel the adrenaline rush. Trek on a medicinal hike in the Jungles and learn of the medicinal plants, herbs and their use. See howler monkeys up close in their natural habitat. Snorkel shark and stingray alley. Observe the coral along the second largest Barrier reef in the world.

Sooth your muscles in one (or two) of our outdoor pools or solar heated mineral bath. Mud Massages and body scrubs will aid in further relaxation and replace lost nutrients, as well as soothe and moisturize the skin leaving it silky smooth.

Indulge and bond over fine dining and cuisine in the BirdCage lounge. All our food and drinks are made from fresh, organic ingredients from nearby local farmers. Quench your palate and try something exotic. Cell phone not needed; immerse yourself in the moment and the conversation. Share memories over Hookah, hibiscus mojitos and rum punches. Hydrate with fresh coconut water.

This is your vacation, your seclusion; your time to rejuvenate and love every experience – not because they are the same but because they are uniquely different from anything you’ve experienced. The naturalness of the luxury in the Jungle is unapologetically authentic. Get away to Maruba Belize and experience it for yourself.

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Melanie Nicholson

A Belize Jungle Retreat for Two!

Honeymoon in Belize
Come to Belize and discover your wilder side!

“Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept, and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky” ~ Arna Bontemps

That quote perfectly describes a Belize jungle vacation, a place to dance in the rain forest and dream beneath the jungle sky. Romantic and wild, beautiful and unspoiled – here’s a unique destination to enjoy with your significant other. Bask in each other’s company and appreciate Mother Nature’s finest work. I’m describing  the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa… and here is what you will love about the resort.

Picture yourself and your significant other among trees and the sound of exotic birds
Picture yourself and your significant other among coconut trees and the sound of                                                              exotic birds. What better place to cozy up?

The Location 

The unique location and the ambiance of the MARUBA  resort enfolds you in a warm, romantic embrace. Beginning with the rooms in wild exotic colors, avant garde decor and cozy inviting beds, rooms in rich hues and textures, rooms surrounded by trees ...every one of them a sensual experience. There are suites that offer the luxury of an inviting in-house hot tub for two…you may never want to leave!

The Pool

An adults-only pool beckons, surrounded by a luscious grove of trees, perfect for a dip or a soak any time of the day or night.

An adults only pool – soak or swim on a whim, day or night. Just go with the flow.

The Mineral Hot Tub

Picture this – a beautiful starry night creating a twinkling canopy overhead while you spend a romantic hour or two over glasses of wine in the mineral hot tub, the sound of crickets singing a serenade…is that perfect enough for you?

Honeymoon in the Jungle
Enjoy a relaxing soak in a mineral hot tub, the perfect                place for a romantic couples retreat..

The Spa

Maruba is the first ever spa resort in the Belize jungle, and taking advantage of this has got to be one of the things to do in Belize. A one of a kind couples only massage brings out your wild side while making you feel super relaxed. You emerge from a scrub in a traditional tub with baby smooth and shiny skin.

Turn your body into a wild canvas and get ready for a fun photography session!

The Mood Mud Massage

The mood mud massage is the signature treatment at Maruba. This therapy begins with soft cool mud being massaged into your skin. An hour of this relaxing and unusual massage is finished off with body painting and artfully arranged flowers to cover your delicate bits. You must get some photos for posterity! Photo memories that will surely entice you back to Maruba.

The mood mud massage - Vividly wild! Mud, paint and strategically placed flowers. It's fun. You've got to try it!
Vividly wild! Mud, paint and strategically placed flowers.                              It’s fun. You’ve got to try it!
Maruba is the perfect spot for a couples retreat! So, come on over you two! What are you waiting for?

To book your stay at Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, contact us here.

Carmen Anderson
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