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Trip Advisor Review May 2, 2011

Date of review: May 2, 2011

I went to Belize on a business trip and had a chance to take a little time off between Friday afternoon and Sunday. I was blessed to have found Maruba to spend my “mini-vacation”. Not only the place is beautiful, but I was pampered and treated extremely well by the family who owns and runs the place. They were very accommodating and nice to me. I was picked-up directly in the office where I was working in Belize City, taken to the pharmacy as I needed to buy a couple of things, and driven to the resort. I had a great time chatting with Nicki (the owner who picked me up) on the way there. I was greeted by Melanie, his wife, and taken to my beautiful suite, where my suitcase was already waiting for me. I loved the amenities and the attention to detail: the hibiscus everywhere, the sandalwood incense burning in the room, the disposable flip-flops, the availability of DVDs, covered chairs/beds around the pool, a beautiful hookah room, and a dining area set in a tree-house; comfort in the middle of the jungle. I spent the nice afternoon by the pool chatting with Annie and the kids. I had a wonderful aromatherapy massage in the evening. The next day I went to one of the tours (Lamanai) and spent the day out. Upon my arrival I was greeted with a refreshing juice and my mud massage appointment had already been rescheduled, as I returned a bit later than anticipated. The mud massage was a wonderful experience, especially bathing in warm water to remove the mud under the stars. I am often concerned about massages in remote places. My husband is a massage therapist and I know all the studying/practice required to become licensed. My massage therapist was wonderful and it was clear that she was well-trained.

Food was great, in taste and presentation. I loved the big fancy plates and delicious food. There is Internet connection and an eclectic music collection in the reception/bar area. The staff is attentive, without being intrusive.

I cannot wait to go back to Maruba, next time with my family.

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