Our Passion

Who supports your passion?

We do.  At Maruba, we have a passion for life:  living and loving.

Beauty surrounds us everywhere; giving us an opportunity to be inspired and to inspire!

We take particular interest in your particular interest!  No matter what inspires you.

No matter what your passion is. Maruba has a way to indulge all your pleasures and passions -

those you know exist and others waiting to be awakened.



photo taken by Photographer Brendan Powell


We are avid believers of education.

Knowledge is power. With knowledge

comes understanding, respect and love.

Inspiration comes from knowing and sharing.

Become a mentor and inspire others.  It is a

rewarding experience that enriches lives.

Learn how every small action contribute to make a big difference.

Email us if you are planning a missionary or educational trip to help others in our area.  We like to be a part of your movement and have discounted rates to help you while you’re helping others.

Educators welcomed.




Pass on a culture and lifestyle of living.  Be a mentor and inspiration to others by giving of your time or school supplies to neighboring school on this historic Pan American Highway (better known as the Old Northern Highway).  If you have empty space in your suitcase, fill it with school supplies, clothes, book or needed supply and see the joy it brings to children when you give them.

EMAIL MARUBA to find out how you can make a difference.

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