Marubian Breakfast Menu


Marubian Breakfast

Choice of one entree below served with homemade fry jack & fruit jelly,  fresh fruit juice and Belizean coffee.


Juevos Rancheros

Corn tortilla with sunny side up egg and salsa


Austrian Omelette

Omelette with Bacon, Onions, Potato, Mushrooms, & Cheese


Eggs Any Style

2 eggs scrambled, over easy or hard boiled


T & T Breakfast

Grilled Fish, Fry Jacks, Refried Beans and Salsa


Cold Plate

Vegetables, cream cheese and/or bacon


Pancake or French Toast

Homemade sour dough pancake or french toast  with fruit syrup


Fruit Crepe

2 crepes with homemade Marubian fruit filling


Fruit Plate

Assorted serving of fresh fruits from local gardens served

with yogurt.


Coffee, Tea or Juice

Fresh organic fruit juice, pineapple hibiscus tea and Belizean coffee



Turkey or Pork

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