Giving Back

What’s your passion?  What drives you?  There are several ways to give back and make a difference!

Education has always been one of my passion: you learn something new everyday.  Our focus is on educating, enriching and possibly, inspiring elementary grade children. We encourage our guests who will be visiting to pack school supplies, bags, books or educational toys if they have the resources and space in their luggage.  If you need ideas on what to bring, email us.  We have partnered with the Principal and Teacher of Zion Park Methodist (Elementary) School, as her passion and dedication to her profession and to the children is obvious and overwhelming.  Guests always have the opportunity to visit the school themselves and see the gratitude in the eyes of the children they are assisting.

If you are not visiting our areas of Belize and want to be a positive change in education, you can check with the principal of the public schools.  Your assistance and willingness to make a positive change will be greatly appreciated and may be an inspiration unto these young souls.


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