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Signature Body Treatments

MOOD MUD PACKspa time: 45 minutes

Experience the mysticism of ancient times as one or a combination of our Mood Mud is applied to the body.  These muds are natural treasures from the earth, which revitalize, detoxify, firm, and reestablish the skin’s natural pH balance.  Choose an aromatic mud to stimulate your senses while the healing energies envelop you or use the muds as color therapy.

MOOD MUD BODY WRAPspa time: 45 minutes

Mood Mud® is applied to the body; it is then wrapped in warm linens, which aid in the absorption of minerals.  Remoisturizes the skin, while eliminating toxins.  Leaves skin rehydrated and replaces lost nutrients.

JUNGLE HERBAL WRAPspa time: 45 minutes

Steaming linens soaked in a rare essence of exotic herbs from our surrounding jungle environment, enclose the body.  Soothe and relax tired muscles, while the body is revitalized.  This stimulates the circulation, eliminates toxins, purifies the skin and cleanses the pores while it provides a smoothing, firming, restorative action.

SEAWEED BODY WRAP spa time: 45 minutes

The body is covered with seaweed gel and then warmly wrapped, to aid on the absorption of nutrients, as well as detoxification and purification of the skin.  This also aids in the reduction of cellulite and the restoration of elasticity.  Leaves skin looking and feeling smooth and rehydrated.

MOOD MUD MASSAGEspa time: 50 minutes

Mood Mud® is used to relax your muscles through vigorous manipulation.  The Mood Mud® is then allowed to dry as a pack.  This treatment relaxes and relieves stress as well as detoxifies and firms the skin.

SEAWEED MASSAGE  spa time: 50 minutes

Seaweed is used to massage the body, relaxing the muscles and increasing the circulation.  This aids in the reduction of cellulite, restoration of elasticity and revitalization of the skin.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE   spa time: 50 minutes

You are massaged with the rare essence of oils derived from the Marugan tribe. It is an aromatic massage, which is an experience of natural wonders.  This is excellent for reducing stress and muscle fatigue, while improving circulation.


This treatment is specially designed to reduce cellulite from the hips, thighs, and love handles in men.  Using a combination of our natural enzymatic mixture and Benin Mood Mud®, cellulite is broken down, circulation is improved, and toxins are removed leaving firm, tight skin.  This treatment complements any diet and exercise program.

AFRICAN HONEYBEE SCRUBspa time: 50 minutes

This treatment exfoliates the skin while at the same time restores moisture and revitalizes the circulation.  Leaves skin glowing and silky smooth.  Try our Mafasa Mood Mud Body Scrub or Marugan Body Scrub, which, was used in ancient times to cleanse the body for ceremonial events

CLEANSING FACIALspa time: 45 minutes

Cleansing facial exfoliates and detoxifies the skin while at the same time restores moisture.  Leaves face glowing and silky smooth. A short massage included with facial.


Rates USD
Day Spa 185
Aromatherapy Massage 1/2hr 55
Aromatherapy Massage 40min 65
Aromatherapy Massage 1hr 90
Mood Mud® Massage 50min 90
Seaweed Massage 50min 90
Tropical Herbal Wrap 70
Seaweed Body Wrap 75
Mood Mud® Body Wrap 85
Mood Mud® Body Pack 75
Marugan Body Scrub 115
Mafasa Mud Body Scrub 90
African Honeybee Body Scrub 75
Sugar Cane Molasses Scrub 75
Benin Cellulite Treatment 70
Cleansing Facial 65
Hydrating Facial 75
Manicure (30 – 45 min) 35
Pedicure (30 – 45 min) 45



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