Mood Mud Massage

Mood Mud for Face & Body

It may be that the worlds oldest medicine is earth itself *


Mud is a greasy sort of earth retaining that quality even when wet and impermeable. Mud exhibits certain intriguing properties upon drying, and these properties are known to vary depending on the mineral composition of the mud. These properties are the basis of mud therapy, a healing modality that is underestimated, under-valued, and under-appreciated. Body mud poultices are very useful for treating wounds- to help reduce swelling, relieve inflammation, reduce cysts abscesses, and promote healing with diminished scar formation by interacting with blood clotting mechanisms. From the Aesthehcians point of view, mud is a natural exfoliate and naturally purifies and refines the skin.

Muds promote detoxification, and are good cleansers and toners. Because of their natural high capacity for absorption, they are effective carriers of essential oils. The minerals in the mud are known to naturally hydrate the skin. Mood Muds which are rich in silicates provide the perfect base for facial masks-they stimulate circulation, generating heat upon drying, promote toxin elimination—impurities drawn out of the skin like a magnet, binding to the mud minerals. Muds also ease inflammation help restore skin to its proper equilibrium. Legend has it that Cleopatra aspired to have control of the Dead Sea so she might have easy access to the muds of the region. Different color muds have differing degrees of activities. The colors of the mud are primarily due to the different mineral contents.

Maruba Therapy is a line of natural body products developed in Belize for Maruba Resort Jungle Spa.  Our product line was developed by one of the woners (the founder), a physician, who believes in combining alternative therapies with proven ones.  These products are derived from naural ingredients from the Jungle and is designed for exclusive use in our spa.  Our line of natural body products including Mood Muds can be applied in a variety of treatments.  They can be used literally on all external parts of the body, nails, hand, feet, body and hair.  Mood Mud aids in stress relief, exfoliate, moisturize, enhance mineral rejuvenation, detoxify, provide aromatherapy benefits, or assist in the ellimation of cellulite.  Mud is one of the oldest natural treasure on earth; prized for centuries for its high mineral content the ancient knew well its healing and beauty secrets.


“It may be that the world’s oldest medicine is the earth itself” – Timothy Johns Ph.D. 1991

The earth is the source of infinite means for restoring and maintaining good health. In many cultures, it is called MOTHER Earth for the nurturing and nourishment it provides. Ancient civilizations from the Indus Valley to the Egyptian civilization realized the healing power of the earth and submitted to it in more than one way. The Egyptians used it for the mummifications of their dead because they knew its purifying powers. It was not reserved only for the dead; the doctors of antiquity did not hesitate to make use of it. The Greek Dioscorides attributed an extraordinary strength to the vital properties of mud. Mud has been a source of natural therapy for more than 2,500 years. 

Clays, mud, and sands— these different forms of earth all participate in the life giving and health restoring processes. Animals in the wild have often been observed exploiting the curative properties of mud. European naturopaths consider it an indispensable healing material. Treating disease with mud applications is an ancient and almost forgotten art. Mud, because of its mineral composition, its absorbing qualities and some believe its radioactive qualities, is curative both internally and externally, as an elixir or as a poultice. People in the US have been slow in adopting mud therapy. However, as its benefits in terms of emotional and spiritual well being are being discovered more and more people are turning to it and discovering the miracles of mud.

The concentrated minerals found in various muds around the world are known to have healing properties known to benefit almost any human ailment from overworked muscles to rheumatism and even insomnia. The principal ailments known to show beneficial effects after mud treatments include arthropathological conditions of degenerative and dysmetabolic nature: primitive arthrosis, arthrosis as a result of trauma or malformations, arthropathy connected with uricaemia and obesity, after effects of trauma and orthopedic surgery, periarthritis, tenovaginitis, myositis, fibrositis, neuritis. Diseases related to metabolism like gout (hyperuricaemia). In fact, mud baths have been found to be so beneficial to a wide array of medical conditions that many European countries include mud treatments in their government health care programs. In France, * recent experiments have treated sores and ulcer with aluminum. Not only in mud formed of aluminum silicates, but its healing actions are increased due to the fact that its components are in a state of natural dosage. Scientific experience has now also embraced the use of previously disdained substances such as marshy mud. The biogenic stimulants applied on the skin are products taken from marshy mud. This mud contains highly active ingredients, which are able to induce cellular rebuilding and retard all organic processes. There is a basic difference between mud and chemical antiseptic actions. Any chemical product is a dead substance, which acts blindly and destroys all bacteria indiscriminately: the good and the bad, the useful and the harmful. Mood Muds on the other hand act with wisdom— destroying only the harmful. So come and discover the sensual pleasures of being covered in Mood Mud. You will discover that it is truly an earthly delight. Mood Mud equals bliss.


This Mood Mud is non-irritating to the human skin. It is one the most effective remedies for the treatment of chronic infections. It is used in the form of baths and packs. It is excellent for sensitive skin. It may be used to treat burns, chronic diseases of the skin and scalp: eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.


When Mood Muds are used in facials, they help to remove the skin from bacteria, fungi, toxins, and metals. They help to increase metabolic and adaptive functions. They are excellent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and desensitizing agents. They enlarge the network of full-blooded vessels. Increase cell renewal, regenerating the skin cells and nerve fibers. Mood Muds plump all skin layers, thereby increasing elasticity and retention of moisture. They help the face to have a greater freshness, firmness, and fitness.


Mood Muds for the skin have a very strong antioxidant and regenerative effect due to their high content of oxidants and nutrients. They may be used on any skin type. They stimulate wound healing and tissue regeneration and nourish cell membranes. They possess strong antibacterial and antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. They are an excellent source of body cleansing and regenerating. The Mood Muds help to eliminate toxins from the skin and absorb wastes. Also, they have incredible penetrating ability because of specific mechanisms involving energy absorption, which combines the physical energy of the body surface with that of the minerals entering the body. This helps to exfoliate and cleanse more thoroughly the skin.


Mood Muds in color or aromatherapy help to restore the mind and body in a truly natural way. These muds are treasures from the earth, which help to expand our consciousness, enhance our lives, calm our stress, and fill our dreams with healing energies. Through the applications of these muds, transformation occurs. They help by lending their powers and providing a focal point in our lives. There are six Mood Muds from which to choose. Application can be with one or more, depending on the mood. Massage them, and let them invigorate the wildest dreams. These muds can be applied while showering or alone, to stimulate the senses. They can be used on any skin type, to moisturize, detoxify the skin, leaving it youthful and rejuvenated. Choose any of the following in scented or unscented:

DAJI (red): arouses strength, health, protection, sex, passion, and courage.

BENIN (yellow): encourages confidence, wisdom, attraction, divination, and mental powers.

KULA (black): stimulates healing, absorbs and destroys negativity.

MAFASA (orange): inspires truth, purification, protection, and peace.

UMBA (gray): enlightens the future and the free spirited.

ZITRA (pink): encourages self-improvement, eloquence, and intelligence.




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