Hip Artisanal Boutique Resort & Jungle Spa
"Get Junglized"
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Tarzan & Jane

Belize Vacation On The Wild Side

Have your vacation on the wild side at Maruba Resort & Jungle Spa. Maruba has all the pampering and amenities of an upscale hotel, yet this outrageous getaway is set within the jungles of Belize. Your room will be one-of-a-kind retreat painted in rich colors with tropical hardwood ceiling, mosaic tile floors exotic fabrics collected from around the world creating an aura of “tribal chic”. You’ll have what you want: air conditioning, spa treatment included Couple’s Mood Mud Massage, tantalizing Nouveau Jungle Cuisine’, swimming pools, a Japanese mineral bath encase by cooling lush foliage. You’ll be without what you don’t need: no phones, no crowds, no cookie-cutter feel. The Bonus is “WiFi” so you can let well wishers back home know your happily playing Tarzan & Jane


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US Toll Free: 1 800-861-7001

BZ 011 501-225-5555